Welcome. As I make my way around the ever-expanding blogosphere, I am amazed at the sheer variety of topics and interests, to say nothing of all the wonderful styles of writing and expression.

As a child, I read voraciously and wrote constantly – poems, letters, diaries… but somewhere in my 30s I let that slip away. Now, having passed the “50-is-the-new-40” mark, I am reclaiming my creativity and filling my time, once again, with the magic of the written word. There is no ‘theme’ other than whatever has taken my fancy at the time.

As a Domestic Goddess (who neither looks nor cooks like Nigella), I share my life with an American/Australian husband, teenage son and the baby of the family – a black Labradoodle named Sally.

I hope you enjoy your visit. Suggestions and comments are always appreciated.